Embarking on a path as an entrepreneurial doctor is extremely exciting and rewarding.  It can also be a scary experience without the right support and guidance.  

We work with you're accountant, attorney, landlord and other professional advisors to insure a smooth and effortless transition in buying your practice. From locating a practice to buy, to managing one you have bought, we help every step of the way.

Our Wide Range of Buyers Services Include
  • Consulting and practice management
    Once you've completed the transition we also provide marketing and management support to help you grow and build a successful practice.
  • Buy-ins, partnerships and mergers
    Buying into a practice can be complicated. We can help in structuring a fair compensation packages for all partners, plus help structure other important elements to protect the partner relationship in the future. How do you deal with exit strategies for the senior partner? Equity buy-in strategies. Financing options. Plus partner insurance
  • Found your own practice?
    We can help smooth negotiations and insure that the sale of the practice is done correctly through escrow. We also provide assistance with reviewing the financials and cashflow analysis.
  • 100% Financing, plus working capital or SBA loans
    Through our network of approved lenders we assist, advise and negotiate best type financing for your situation. Including SBA loans, Real Estate loans, and fixed rate conventional loans
  • Real Estate Services
    As a licensed real estate broker we also provide assistance in residential home financing or in locating commercial property to buy.
  • Concierge Services
    Through our referral network of approved professionals we can assist in finding insurance, equipment, attorneys, accountants and other services.