Buying a Practice Just Got Easier...

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You've made the decision to buy a practice.  Now what?

Embarking on a path as an entrepreneurial doctor is extremely exciting and rewarding.  It can also be a scary experience without the right support and guidance.  We work with your accountant, attorney, landlord, and other professional advisors to insure a smooth and effortless transition in buying your practice.

From locating a practice to managing one, we help every step of the way.

Our Wide Range of Buyer Services Include:

Our Support Services Ensure Success After Your Purchase
  • Lease negotiations
  • Buyer representation

Optometry Practices for Sale and the Circle of Least Confusion

Our unique services and experience allow us to better understand optometry practices for sale and the nuances between buyers and sellers. Just like the interval of Sturm, where the buyer is on one end and the seller is on the other, we try to create the point that is the clearest path: a win-win solution for both the buyers and sellers.

Ophthalmology Practices for Sale

From private offices to Lasik offices or even ambulatory surgery centers, ophthalmology practices for sale have unique considerations from other medical offices - as specialists in the ophthalmic profession, we understand these values.

Optical Practices for Sale

Whether you are seeking a franchise optical or an independent optical practice for sale, we offer comprehensive assistance in reaching your goals. As specialists, we have a better understanding in frame management and the overall operations of an optical practice.