You've made the decision to find a Partner. Now what?

Partnership is a major decision.  It will not only affect you financially, but it is also, and, perhaps more importantly, a lifestyle decision.  How you live your life is shaped and influenced by what you do for a living.  If you have decided that now may be an opportune time to consider going into business for yourself, working with a practice Broker can provide you with the professional assistance necessary for a smooth and successful transaction.

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Why Should I Go To A Practice Partnership Advisor?

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A professional practice advisor can be helpful in many ways.  They can provide you with a road map of the process and help navigate pitfalls.  Practice advisors are also an excellent source of information about financing and the partnership process.  They are familiar with the market and can advise you about the trends, pricing and what is happening locally.  A practice advisor will handle all of the details of the sale and will do everything possible to guide you in the right direction, including, if necessary, consulting other professionals who may be able to assist you.   

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