Led by Scott Daniels and Dr. Alissa Wald, our nationwide team combines over 75 years in practice sales, ownership, business management, financial services and hands-on experience of owning successful practices. Together we have successfully completed hundreds of practice sales for sellers and buyers.  Combining a strong background in business financing along with hands on practice ownership, we offer a unique value for our clients that insures the best possible service.

Can I sell my own practice?

If you have successfully owned and operated a practice, chances are you can successfully sell it; however, we won't tell you that it will be easy. There is a wide range of complex issues that need to be considered, such as:

  • Marketing your business ("Who is the right buyer for my business, and how do I find him/her?")
  • Negotiating the right price ("What is my business worth?" or "Am I leaving money on the table?")
  • Structuring the transaction ("Do I have to provide a seller's note?" or "How long will it take for me to properly transition out of the practice?")
  • Understanding important tax and legal issues ("How can I minimize my taxes from the sale of my business?)

Why Should I use an advisor?

Selling a practice can be a complex and emotional process. Even large business owners who have operated multi-million dollar global companies choose to utilize the services of a professional business broker or merger & acquisition advisor, not because larger companies are more complex, but rather because of the inherent value in having an objective, third-party advisor direct the process. Studies show that using an intermediary will increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

What qualities should I look for in a practice broker?

Experience, ethics and education. There are many more intricacies involved in the sale of a practice opportunity. We take the time to understand your ultimate goals and objectives and have the ability to accurately value your business, and advise you accordingly. Our management team includes Dr. Alissa Wald, who successfully manages a 20-year-old private practice with seven staff members. Scott Daniels brings over 20 years of business management, financing and marketing experience including negotiation and structuring. Together with our nationwide team of agents we offer over 75 years of experience in the ophthalmic profession. Practice Concepts is the only company that provides this unique value of combined experience to help our clients.

What are the costs?

There is no cost to you up-front. Our fees are earned when we complete a sale for you. We simply ask that you provide an exclusive listing agreement to allow us to properly advertise and market your practice.

Do I keep control of who buys my practice?

Yes, absolutely. You always maintain the final decision in choosing a buyer. Just like selling your home, once you have received a signed offer from the buyer you may choose to counter or accept the offer.

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