You'll learn the important tools for successfully buying, selling, and growing a practice in today's marketplace.

We bring together great guest speakers
and insightful educational topics 
for strong "take home" value for you.

  • Discover the top things buyers need to know and what to avoid.
  • Find out what sellers should do to prepare for sale.
  • How sellers can maximize their value (you can't just ask for more...)
  • How buyers and sellers can negotiate the best deal.
  • Learn about financing options available.
Plus partnerships, startups, and growing profits in your practice

 Scheduled Seminars

2016 Optometry, Ophthalmology, Optical Seminars
Nov 2016
Monterey, California
Dinner/ Reg at Fall Symposium
More Coming Soon




2016 Veterinary Seminars
June 2016
San Francisco, California REGISTER
More Coming Soon