Selling your practice is a major decision! You have devoted your time, money and energy to building, running and operating your practice. It may well represent your life’s work. You have decided that now is the right time to sell, and you want the very best professional guidance you can get.

This is when working in tandem with a professional practice broker can make the difference between just getting rid of the practice and selling it for the very best price and terms! Practice brokers are the professionals who will facilitate a successful sale.

As your practice broker we can:

  • Complete all negotiations - saves you valuable time
  • Insure a higher sale price because we know the marketplace
  • Structure the sale so it makes sense for everyone – you and the buyer
  • Find the right buyer
  • Buyers are pre-qualified and we assist in obtaining financing
  • Work with you and the buyer, every step of the way, until the transaction is successfully closed
  • Assist the buyer in all details of the practice buying process

A practice broker is not, however, a magician who can sell an overpriced practice. Most practices are saleable if priced and structured properly. You should understand that only the marketplace can determine the sale price. The amount of the down payment you are willing to accept along with the terms of the seller financing can greatly influence not only the ultimate selling price, but also the success of the sale itself.

"We're in practice to advance your practice."

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