As the seller, you, are an integral part of preparing and grooming your office for sale. It might also be helpful if you took a good look at your practice from the perspective of a buyer. Try to put yourself in the place of a prospective purchaser of the practice. What would you do to make it more attractive or more saleable?

Obviously, the financial records of your business are critical to the sale of your practice, but how it looks is also important. First impressions really count! If a potential buyer doesn't like the appearance of your practice, the rest of it may never get a chance.

We work together with you to help prepare your office and groom it for the best buyer presentations.  Our comprehensive marketing strategies and techniques will help you position your office in the best possible way.

Here's a few tips on grooming your office before and during the sale process

  1. Improve the curb appeal.  Tidy up the front entrance.  Clean any untidy papers, boxes or clutter in the interior of the office.
  2. The sale process could take anywhere from a few months to over a year depending on your location.  Keeping a positive and energetic attitude will help the process.
  3. Maintain the gross revenue. Don't reduce your patient load or your hours.  Bring in a part time associate just to maintain the gross if needed.
  4. Clean and wash any dirt or dust on walls, floors, furniture.  A quick coat of paint on the walls in an easy and inexpensive way to brighten the office.
  5. Remove, replace or repair any old, torn or disheveled furnishing.  Seats with torn or stained cushions leave a poor first impression
  6. Keep normal operating hours. There may be a tendency to "let down" when you put your practiceup for sale. However, it's important that prospective buyers see your practice at its best.
  7. Maintain inventory and supplies at a constant level.  Don't drop your supplies levels too far.  The practice needs certain amount of supplies to operate smoothly.  Seller's sometimes have a tendency not to re-order as the sale nears its completion.
  8. Repair signs, replace outside lights, etc. You don't want your practice to look as if it has been neglected.
  9. Maintain current advertising levels.
  10. Remove items that are not included in the sale or unnecessary items, especially if inoperative.
  11. Repair non-operating equipment or remove it, if you are not using it.
  12. Keep your invoices and other financial papers in a readily accesible place
  13. Maintain up to date monthly revenue figures not older then 3 months from today. (VERY IMPORTANT)
  14. Make sure all tax returns are completed, filed and up to date.  Avoid extensions