Selling a Practice?
The Road to Success Runs Right Through Practice Concepts

The road to selling a practice is not straight.
There's a curve called confusion. A loop called finding a specialist.
Speed bumps called negotiations.
Cauition lights called a qualified buyer.

But...If you have a spare called experience. An engine called Practice Concepts and insurance called proven results.
You'll find the road to Success.

Selling a practice is a customized and complicated process. Every practice offers unique issues and solutions. At Practice Concepts we work with you every step of the way, hand-holding you through the entire process.

Hands-On Approach

  • Insures a win-win transition for all parties
  • Customized Practice Profile prospectus help buyers understand your office
  • Always there to answer questions.
  • Coordinate buyers showings of office
  • Coordinates and faciliate buyers requests including financial data and practice data required by buyer
  • Handle buyer written offers and counter proposals
  • Discuss all issues related to the agreement
  • Supervise the escrow closing process with the buyer and seller
  • Insure the process moves in a timely manner
  • Coordinate with professional advisors including CPAs, attorneys and financial planners
  • Handle employee concerns
  • Assist buyer in orbtaining a practice loan
  • Manage landlord assignment and transfer
  • Help buyer obtain lease assignment with landlord
  • Assist buyer in obtaining all needed forms, insurances, and requirements needed transfer business ownership.
  • Overcome and handle any obstacles or unexpected issues that may arise with landlords lenders, employees or involving any aspect of the practice.
  • Provide resources for buyer after the sale including coaching and business consulting